Melinda Bosen, Watercolor Artist

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Melinda Bosen works almost entirely in watercolor, save for a bit of ink, She's old school that way.​

Melinda Bosen is an artist who works in almost exclusively watercolor who is tends to make the dark ridiculous and the light a little darker. She enjoys painting food, people, fantastic stories and commentary on the currents state of society. 


Though a newcomer to the professional art world, she's been drawing and creating in some form or another since she was 3 years old. In the last two years, she's attended many conventions in Utah State, Colorado and Idaho; selling her own artwork to people in the form of high quality art prints, sketchbooks and stickers.


She's currently working on a comic, called, "Daddy Death" where a baby is left on Death's doorstep in suburbia. He takes the baby in as his own, but as he's never been part of the living, raising the baby is a comedy of errors. It is to be done in watercolors, and will be edited and printed by June 2019.

She's active in social justice, obsessed with people, story telling and pop culture in general and is always happy to rise to a challenge. She'll draw and paint almost anything and has a quick turn over rate.

When she's not working,  she enjoys learning about obscure history, and myths; hanging out with family, doing way too much research into new art supplies that she doesn't need and reading 

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